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What is a comprehensive car insurance loss type?

What is a comprehensive car insurance loss type?Comprehensive loss is any harm done to the vehicle other than collision.

What is the difference inbetween third party and fully comprehensive car insurance?

Third Party Insurance only covers the person you have hit in the accident, you have to pay for all the harm to your own vehicle yourself. Fully Comprehensive covers all your harm and all of the other person’s harm.

How old does a car have to be before collision-comprehensive insurance is no longer necessary?

I believe it can be brand fresh, but you can’t have a loan on it.

Is it legal for your insurance company to deny a loss for a car that was totaled?

It would depend on why the car was totaled and who’s fault the accident was and what time of insurance do you have PLPD or Total Coverage

If your car was taken without permission for what is considered an unlawful use does your comprehensive insurance cover this?

Response .

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Only if the person that took the car had never before been permitted to use the car. If the person who took that car with out authorization to use the car was a resident of the household and the keys to the car were available then any harm to the car from that usage would very likely have to be claimed under the collision coverage.

Can you drive a relative’s car if they have no insurance but you have utter comprehensive insurance on your car?

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Generally, the insurance goes after the vehicle, not the driver. The only time I am aware that your insurance covers a vehicle, other than the one described on your policy, is if you buy another vehicle to substitute the one described on the declarations page. If your covered auto is in the shop for repairs, and your relative loans you his/her uninsured vehicle for you to drive while yours is being repaired, then your policy would likely provide coverage. I would call the claims department of your insurance company to get confirmation before venturing it.

Are you insured to drive your fresh car if you part exchange your old car on which you had comprehensive insurance?

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In North Carolina, if you trade in a vehicle and purchase another, you have 30 days to report the transaction to your insurance carrier. You will have the same coverage on the fresh vehicle that you had on the old vehicle during that time. No more, no less.

Does comprehensive coverage for auto insurance cover a hit and run of your parked car?

Response .
yes it does but you will be claiming off your own insurance and may liberate your no claims discount if you have one..
Reaction .
Yes it can be used but the deductible WILL apply, and your rates may increase if you put in a claim. (as unfair as that may sound)

What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive Insurance is a term used for a multitude of insurance policies suggesting a broad protection. In car insurance, it is coverage which pays to repair or substitute the policy holder’s vehicle and individual property inwards of it if it was bruised or lost due to other agents, such as fire, theft, flood, or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance is an element of car insurance that pays for damages to your vehicle caused by anything other than a collision, including vandalism, theft and natural disasters.

Do car insurance premiums increase after a comprehensive claim for hitting a deer?

Reaction .
Generally YES, they do increase, being that there is no “third party” so-to-speak in which the insurer can subrograte against. .
I say no, it is a comp claim and doesn’t count against the driver. If the driver was cited for the incident, then they would go up.

Is hitting a garage door covered under comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive .
No because that would count as a collision. Comprehensive insurance covers anything that’s not considered a collision: a tree falls on your car, punctured by hail stones, gets stolen, gets vandalized, gets on fire, acts of God, someone backs into your car and takes off, those sorts of things.

Will your insurance go up if you use the comprehensive coverage to fix a car that was vandalized?

Vandalism .
That depends on your claims history, driving record, and amount of vandalism. Your rate will very likely go up because any time you “bill” your own insurance company for damages, they have the right to personally recover money from you through an insurance increase. A legal but clever thing to do is once your claim is lodged and your car is immobile, switch insurance companies. Last year I had two rear end wrecks. The very first time I rear ended an SUV and my insurance had to pay out $Three,700 for damages to my car, plus the SUV. When my policy renewed two months later, they hiked my rate from $212 per month to $267! Six months later, I rear ended a tanker truck, and my insurance had to pay out $12,000. I drove around a rental car for about a month, and got $6,500 dollars from the insurance company. (12,000 minus 6,000 for the lienholder plus 500 rental reimbursement) I went to my broker to ask advice and to insure my fresh car as well. In california, your rate cannot be raised until you renew your polcy, unless you stir resulting in a zip code switch. Well at 267, I knew my rate would go up come the following April, so I had my broker search for a fresh company. He found one that was 50 dollars cheaper than what I was paying before. Not only that, I moved in town recently and my rate dropped another 12 dollars, resting at $198 per month. So if you have time, see your broker if you have one, or wait until what your renewal suggest says.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive insurance coverage is a physical harm part of automobile insurance which covers you vehicle for fire, theft, vandalism, cracked glass, and all animal collisions. Collision is the other main part of physical harm coverage which covers hitting something or turning the vehicle over. You can purchase comprehensive without collision but not collision without comprehensive.

What is a comprehensive car insurance loss type?

Does comprehensive insurance cover harm done to a car if the car hits or is hit by an animal?

Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your carthat are the result of covered issues not related to a collision,such as an animal. Some insurance companies do not cover damagesdue to animals.

What is meant by an excess on an insurance claim in terms of comprehensive car insurance?

The excess is what the policy holder has to pay before the insurance company starts to pay. If excess is $100 Harm is $300 the policy holder gets $200.

Does fully comprehensive insurance cover you third party for another car?

It may do. You will need to read your certificate of insurance and your policy. The usual wording if it does is: The policyholder may also drive any car not wielded by the policyholder and not hired by the policyholder under a hire purchase agreement. However such a clause could also emerge on a TPFT or TPO certificate. The cover will almost certainly be restricted to TPO in any case- see your policy.

Will comprehensive insurance cover harm to my parked car?

Usually, yes. Check your policy for details, but comp usually covers any kind of harm (subject to a deductible, of course) that occurs when NOT related to a moving accident – if a tree falls on your car, or it’s violated into , or something like that. It covers a lot of stuff, which is why they call it ‘comprehensive’….

Does comprehensive insurance cover harm to your car if a shovel falls on car while car is sitting in your garage?

A comprehensive insurance policy would most likely cover harm asdescribed. However, the deductible and potential premium increasefor making a claim might make it more advantageous to not make aclaim.

What are the three types of auto insurance that protect you against economic loss due to harm to the property of others and to your car?

Property harm liabilitycoverage provides proection for the harm doen to the proerty of others by your automobile..
Collisioncoverage covers repairs to your vehicle if it sustains damge while being operated..
Comprehensivecoverage provide for losses other than collision (e.g., theft and hail harm).

Types of losses the insurance protects against?

Depends on the type of insurance. Life insurance protects against death, Car insurance protects against several different losses to your auto, home, workers comp, commercial, the list goes on and on as to the type of insurance and then within the insurance policy the covered loss list is extensive. You would need to be more specific for more than a general response.

What do various types of insurance cover or provide for a loss?

Auto Insurance – Repairs on bruised vehiclesRenter’s insurance – Replacement of stolen private possessions Life insurance – Money for relatives of someone who dies Health insurance – Visits to the doctor or hospital Disability Insurance-wages lost because of injury or illness

How old do you have to be to get comprehensive car insurance that covers you to drive other peoples cars?

As long as you are old enough to legally drive you may get any coverage you wish. However not all insurance companies suggest this coverage..
One more thing… this coverage you are asking about is referred to as permissive use.

Does fully comprehensive car insurance cover you on another car?

Yes as third party fire & theft.. and the other car has to be insured by some in its own right by someone else..

What type of insurance will pay for the loss of the insured’s gam or arm?

Accidental death and dismemberment is one kind of insurance that may pay for this loss. Also, some life insurance policies provide for the payment of part of the proceeds in a situation like this. However, in many cases, the insured may have to have sustained the loss of more than one limb or bodily function (such as eyesight, coupled with loss of a limb) to recover. Disability insurance is another possibility if the loss of the limb renders the insured incapable to work. This is more complicated, as it depends greatly upon the type of disability policy involved and the functional incapacity sustained by the injured person.

What type of insurance coverage will pay for the loss of a person’s look?

It is significant to have different types of insurance during a lifetime. A persons health insurance coverage will pay for the loss ofthe person’s glance.

Which type of insurance will pay for the loss of the insured’s gam or arm?

Accidental Death or Dismemberment did you know people eat toilet paper in prison so they wontstarve……….

What is a comprehensive car insurance loss type?

Do car insurance premiums increase after a comprehensive claim for a windshield?

A claim for windscreen glass will not normally affect the no claims discount of a motor insurance policy…. but your policy may be different, you need to read what it says.

What are the types of car insurance?

There are seven types of car insurance. Liability insurance covers the cost of repairing any property bruised in a crash, as well as medical bills. Collision insurance makes it so then insurer pays for repairs. Comprehensive insurance treats any situation, including theft. Uninsured motorist protection is a policy that covers harm by an uninsured motorist. Medical/Personal-injury Protection covers costs of injury. No-fault insurance covers property harm and injuries no matter who is at fault. Gap Insurance is for driver’s who still owe money on the cars and need to pay off the vehicle if it is totaled in an accident.

If someone throws a rock at and damages your car is this covered by comprehensive or collision insurance?

Neither. A rock hitting you’re car is a minor harm and isn’t treated by insurance companies. If a grown person does it you could file vandalism and request the money for repairs. If it is a minor, 4-12, the harm stays and you indeed can’t do much about it.

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Can you drive another car if you have comprehensive insurance?

There is no effortless response. In the UK policiessometimeshave a “driving other vehicles extension”. This permits the policyholder to drive another vehicle, not possessed by him/her, for third party risks only. This extension is not found on all policies so an individual would need to check the policy wording and the certificate of insurance.

What cars can you drive with fully comprehensive car insurance?

Read the policy. Generally, you can drive the car mentioned on the policy and any brief term rental car. Laws are different in every state. You should call your agent for clarification of your coverage.

What is cashless policy for comprehensive car insurance?

I have never heard of it and I have been an agent for 26 years. I don’t believe it is a true insurance term.

If you have comprehensive insurance and your car was totally lost in a fire will the insurance cover the items inwards IE GPS ipod that was lost?

The response is in your particular policy, but if it does not your renters or homeowners policy may cover those items.

Does insurance pays for a comprehensive insured car driven by an uninsured driver?

Comprehensive coverage does not apply to the driving of a car. It should be covered.

How many types or car insurance are there?

There should be just one type that most companies suggest for your car. If you had an antique vehicle or something collectible, then you may need that type of car insurance.

What type of insurance will pay for harm to your car if it is announced to be a total loss?

Physical harm coverage pays for harm done to your vehicle. This is divided into two policy provisions, comprehensive and collision. Collision is if you hit something or turn the vehicle over. Comprehensive is about everything else, including theft, vandalism, animal collisions, fire, glass breakage, etc. So the main thing you will need to determine is what caused the harm. If you hit a deer then it will be a comprehensive claim. If you hit a telephone pole or another vehicle then it is a collision claim.

Where to go if your Insurance company is not paying for the loss of a car accident?

Attorney General,s office where you live. Also attempt the Better Business BureauAdded: Contact the State Insurance Commission of your state and file a complaint.

Does diamond car insurance cover the loss of jewelry?

No, diamond car insurance don’t cover the loss of jewerly. They cover different kind of insurance like car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance.

What is a comprehensive car insurance loss type?

What is the meaning of comprehensive car insurance?

It’s lighter to tell you what collision is very first. Collision is when you hit something or turn the vehicle over. Comprehensive is just about everything else. Fire, Theft, Animal Collisions, Violated Glass, Tree Falling on Car, etc. Most companies do not rate up your insurance for comprehensive claims. You may liberate a claim free discount if it is on your policy but will not be surcharged. You can be cancelled for too many comp claims tho’.

What if their insurance determines your car is total loss?

Then their insurance cuts you a check for the Bluebook value of your car. Also, some of them also suggest rental coverage until the car is substituted (but obviously not for several weeks)

What is the difference inbetween comprehensive and collision car insurance?

If you don’t opt for this cover, then when a calamity does strike,you will end up paying from your pocket. for More

Can you drive your dad’s fully comprehensive insured car with his permission?

It depends how old are you and whether or not you are an insured driver under the terms of the terms of your Dad’s insurance policy. Your Dad’s insurance agent can tell you if you are insured to drive the vehicle.

Will your car insurance cover the losses of the other car if driver of the other car has no license?

Yes, it will. The fact that the other driver had no license has nothing to do with coverage and liability.

Will comprehensive auto insurance cover a claim if a tow truck damages your car in transit?

I would say that the tow truck is liable for this claim. This is also what your insurance company will say even if they go ahead and pay the claim to keep you blessed. Most of the time your company will pay then they will subrogate against the responsible party. If you have comp and collision then their is no issue. If you have comp and not collision then issue of what happened may come into play.

How is safe to drive a car without comprehensive car insurance?

Car insurance covers many parts including collision, liability and comprehensive. If your car is paid for you may not be required to have comprehensive coverage. .
Comprehensive coverage is fornon-collisionincidents such as a fire, earthquake, a hail storm and theft. If your car is ruined in a storm or it is stolen, then you will have to absorb the loss. .
Motorists should have comprehensive coverage as well as other minimum coverage to protect themselves, their passengers and other drivers. .

When is a car comprehensively insured?

Comprehensive is a type of coverage you can add to an automobile policy. Comprehensive coverage is a physical harm coverage that includes harm to your vehicle that is not included in collision coverage. Collision coverage is harm done when you hit something or turn the vehicle over. Comprehensive includes fire, theft, vandalism, and animal collision. You can have comprehensive without collision but not collision without comprehensive. .

Where can a person go to get a comprehensive listing of car insurance companies in Toronto?

There are many places for a person to get a comprehensive listing of car insurance companies in Toronto. They can be found online or in the building of car insurance. Some online sites for the listing: insuranceproviders, staffingexchange, fotoweekdc.

Where can one find quote comparisons for a fully comprehensive car insurance?

One can find quote comparisons for comprehensive car insurance on the Kanetix website. Kanetix gathers quotes from several insuramce companies for their users.

Where can you find information on fully comprehensive car insurance?

One can find information on fully comprehensive car insurance on Direct Line, Money Supermarket and Go Compare. Other types of car insurance include third party, fire and theft.

Where can one find information on comprehensive car insurance?

One can find information on comprehensive car insurance from a number of physical and online sources. Brand name car insurance companies like GEICO have various car insurance plans.

What websites suggest comprehensive car insurance comparisons?

Comprehensive car insurance comparisons are suggested by Captain Compare, Compare the Market, Money Saving Pro, Info Choice, I Select, Money, Aviva, Rate City and many more.

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