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If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?Yes, if your policy has adequate coverage.
If you have utter coverage insurance, your car will be repaired entirely and your portion of the repairs will be whatever your deductible is.

Will insurance companies cover depreciated value from an accident that is not your fault if they determine not to consider your car a total loss?

I am not sure what you mean by “cover”. If the car is totalled, it depends on your carrier, as to whether they will charge for depreciation. Most top A++ carriers list cars at “Agreed Value”, which means you get the utter replacement value for the car, regardless of depreciation. ResponseGeico and Alstate insurance would not cover the depreciated value of my car, even tho’ it was not my fault. I was told no one does… I don’t see why, but they say there is no way to figure out how much was actually lost because your vehicle is now considered to have “one accident”. I did ask several dealers if that information matters to them and they said they do take off money for accidents. sorry for the bad news, just another unfair thing in life. ReactionYes, if the accident was at no level your fault and the other party is accepting all liability you can send a request lettering requesting they pay for the depreciating value of your vehicle. I would search more online how to write this, but you will need back up documentation displaying the depreciation of your vehicle from at least two different dealerships. A copy of the Kelly Blue Book value will also help. I have now been in two no-fault accidents and in both cases the other insurer’s company has lodged for depreciation value.

If you are in an accident and the other driver says you were at fault does this mean your car will not be repaired by your or their insurance?

No, if you have the right coverage (collision) your company will still pay for your car.

If you got into an accident that was the other driver’s fault and can his insurance decline repairs to your car?

I’m hesitant if you mean the other carrier is denying liability, or they’ve totaled your car and are refusing to repair it. If they’re denying liability, and you believe the other driver is at-fault, you have a duo of options. One, you can go through your own carrier (if you have total coverage), and they will accomplish their investigation and very likely subrogate (ie, ask for their money back). If you don’t have total coverage, and your carrier can’t help you, you’ll likely need to initiate a petite claims activity in court. If the at-fault carrier has totaled your vehicle, but you’re wanting it repaired instead, keep in mind that any insurance carrier will only pay you up to the actual-cash-value of the vehicle. If the repairs and related expenses (rental, supplements, etc.) get to a certain percentage of the actual-cash-value, almost any insurance carrier will total the vehicle.

If your friend lets you drive his car and then you get into an accident and his insurance does not cover that do you have to pay for the repairs?

Assuming that you were at fault in the accident: you broke it, you bought it. Do you have total coverage on a car that you own? It might cover the harm if you were only using his car temporarily while yours was unavailable. If another driver was at fault, your friend should be attempting to collect from him or his insurance.

If you have PLPD and your car is totaled in an accident that is not your fault will the other drivers insurance cover your damages?

I have PLPD insurance and was in an accident that was the other driver’s fault. The lady’s insurance paid for the damages, around $3000 which was the blue book retail value of the car, and they paid for a rental car for a brief period. Since I had PLPD insurance, I had to pay for extra insurance on my rental vehicle, $12 a day extra, that their insurance would not cover and came out of my own pocket.

You were in an accident which was not your fault but you did not have car insurance are you liable for this accident?

If it wasnt your fault, then the person who was at fault is liable. I would suggest working something out inbetween the two of you, since you could have your liscense suspended if caught without insurance. II: You wish it was that effortless! It is illegal to operate a vehicle without insurance coverage. The minute the other driver’s insurance co. finds out that you were not insured, the claim becomes 50/50 and very hard to fight. You pay for yours and they pay for thiers. That’s all.

How will an at-fault accident while driving a company car covered by corporate insurance affect your individual insurance premiums in the future?

Unluckily, IF and that is IF your individual policy insurer finds out, if they do a yearly check, their may be a surcharge applied. Please reminisce that if ever confronted with that question from your insurer, always be truthful or they could cut you. I am a Broker

If you were in a car accident and the other person was at fault should her insurance pay for your rental car medical bills and all of your repairs?

yes, assuming the are allaccident relatedand she is 100% negligent, and therfore liable/responsible for your damages…….if a specific problem with some of this give more details and i can be of more assistance….. It also depends on whether your state is a “no fault” state or not. In a “no fault” state, the parties involved in an auto accident are automatically reimbursed by their own insurance company. However, it is still possible for the victim of an auto accident to receive extra compensation for certain damages (i.e. medical expenses, anguish and suffering, economic losses, etc.). If the accident victim’s auto insurance policy does not cover the amount of damages they’ve sustained, they may want to consider legal activity against the at fault driver. However, this all depends on the state the accident victim lives in and the amount/type of damages sustained.

If your car was taken without your permission by a friend who then was in an accident you did not have insurance at the time will her total coverage insurance cover the cost of your car’s repairs?

Reaction .
Generally yes, her insurer should cover it, but ONLY in the example that it was driven WITHOUT permission. You must make that clear, and your friend must admit to that as well. Her rates may be hiked.

Does the liability coverage on your auto insurance cover you against a liability exposure if you are at fault in an accident and a passenger in your car is killed in the accident?

It should, up to the amount of the policy. It is possible that your liability could exceed that amount, particularly if you had only “legal minimum”. And I suppose there could be some situations spelled out in your policy, maybe DUI or commission of a crime, that might create an exception. There may also be an issue if the passenger is a member of your household. #Two answ: Better read your insurance policy. Most liability insurance covers ONLY the person and property of another vehicle and not your own ESPECIALLY if you are at fault. .
In the UK – the reaction is plain. Your insurance will cover you for all injuries including a fatality to a passenger in your car. If there was a deliberate act your motor insurer may wish to recoup any compensation payment for the fatality. See the related link entitled “car accidents caused by family members” to see how your insurer might investigate if suspicious circumstances are suspected due to a family relationship.

What happens to a person at fault for a car accident with no insurance if it is not their car?

Reaction .
It’s possible that the car owners insurance will cover the damages, but just as likely that it won’t. If it doesn’t, then the driver of the car will be fully responsible for any and all damages and will very likely end up being sued in court to recover the monies owed. It’s for this reason that all states require drivers to have uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance. .
In the UK three figures are likely to be responsible for paying compensation for harm and private injury as a result of the accident: the driver of the vehicle, the proprietor of the vehicle’s insurer (if that person had skill that the other was driving his vehicle) and the Motor Insurer’s Bureau. The driver of the vehicle will also be prosecuted in criminal law for driving without valid motor vehicle insurance. For a description of motor vehicle insurance and the MIB – please see the related link.

If you are registered and insured in Pennsylvania but working and licensed in Texas in the event of other person at fault accident will you still be covered and if not what wiil the ramifications?

Reaction .

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If you have been living in TX long enough the get a driver’s license there then you should have also registered your car in TX and have TX insurance. However that being said you still shouldn’t have a problem filing a claim and expecting coverage to apply.

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

If you are in an accident and it is your fault does your insurance pay for both cars?

Reaction .
No lovey not if your the one at fault… Insurance only covers the other person if your at fault sorry honey……
It depends on what insurance coverage you have. The liability coverage that all states require you to carry on any registered vehicle will cover the other person’s harm. If you also purchased collision insurance, that will pay for your vehicle (less the deductable).

If you are at fault in an accident while driving your friend’s car whose insurance will cover it?

Reaction .
In most states, insurance goes after the car. The policy in effect for the car is usually primary regardless of who was driving. If there are thresholds issues or coverage issues, then the policy held by the driver may apply as secondary coverage.

Are motorcycle accidents covered under no fault insurance?

Reaction .
In Minnesota they are not and so I am sure other no-fault states are similar. However, the motorcyclist can make a claim for individual injuries against the at-fault party, if there is one.

Will auto insurance cover an accident if one is at fault however the driver in the other vehicle is not the possessor of that car and is not on that car’s insurance policy?

Response .
Yes, your auto insurance will payout to the other party involved in the accident. Your auto policy covers “you” from any financial loses. So in retrospect you wont have to pay the damages you caused to the other veichle..
Concerning the party that is not the possessor nor on the car owners policy, the car holder’s auto policy covers the car and any lawful driver aslong as their were no “misrepresentation” on the insurance application/contract. By misrepresentation I mean, at the moment the car proprietor signed the application and contract he was to state any material facts that could switch the underwriting decision such as premiums. For example, if the car proprietor has a son who will also drive the car, the car holder is obligated by law to diclose that to the insurance company. In the event that an accident occurs and a “undisclosed driver” was operating the veichle the insurance has Two options. 1. He can Void the policy/contract and not cover the auto possessor. or Two. He can cover the auto holder and payout damages but later sue in a court a law that amount and underpayed premiums for the time the policy was active and the undiclosed driver was operating the car..
Note” In uncommon cases, an insurance company will cover the “undisclosed driver” aslong as the difference in the premium is paid.

What if an accident was not your fault what should the insurance company cover?

which insurance company yours or ‘at fault’ car? The ‘at fault’ party’s company (assuming they have accepted utter liablity)should cover: 1) the harm caused by the accident to your vehicle. or the actual cash value of the vehicle should it be deemed a total loss, and any sales tax, licensing fees etc (total loss) Two) a rental car while yours is either deemed non-driveable and/or under repair, and for an extra 72 hours AFTER an Suggest of settlement has been made on a total loss (please note Suggest doesn’t mean you agree with the amount) Three) any medical treatment you or your passengers received and an injury settlement for these injuries. due to the accident. Four) loss of wages, ifthere is an injury and time missed from work (by doctors orders only that you have to stay off work-not if you just don’t go to work because you want to get this taken care of, and no injury, this is under injury only) some states have P.I.P. which works differently on the injury, you have to reach a thresold to be entitled to an injury settlement……… ResponseDepends, in ontarioyou go to ur own insurance company for any fixes…a nd then your insurance company on ur behalf will get the money back from the other ppl involved.

You got in a car accident while vacationing in another state that was not your fault you left your car in the other state for repairs Will insurance cover the cost to transport your vehicle back home?

Reaction .
you will need to talk to your claims rep or the claims rep of the ‘at fault’ party if they are repairing your vehicle. most times (especially if you are a claimant) the at fault company will pay to bring your vehicle home. but they do not have to….discuss this with themvery first , don’t just haul it home then present a bill…some times insurance companys get ‘special pricing’ on things like this (towing, rental etc) and they will not pay more than they could get it done for themselves…besides you want them to treat it in case there is a problem (dare i say another accident ?) in the transportation of your vehicle.

Is No-fault insurance covered only auto accidents?

Reaction .
Yes only for Auto, Campers, Motorhomes while on the highwayWhat’s No-Fault Insurance?No-Fault Auto Insurance Coverage pays for each driver’s own injuries and property harm, up to the limit specified in the policy, regardless of who caused the accident. Because No-Fault insurance varies by state, ask your claim representative if this applies to your situation.Ref: Allstate @

If you are in an accident and at fault will the insurance company repair your car?

It depends on what company you have insurance with, where you live, and how much coverage you have been paying for. I have The Hartford Insurance. I was in one, I was at fault and they paid for repairs on the other boy’s car and my car. It all depends on how much coverage you pay for in your premiums..

If your daughter lets someone drive your car and they do not have auto insurance and gets into an accident will my insurance cover the cost of repairs?

They would not be covered under your policy, But due to implied permissive use rules you can be held negligently liable. So your auto insurance may provide a defense for you under a negligence claim against you.

I am 25 from California. If I drove my friend’s car alone with instruction permit and got a minor accident which I am not at-fault will the insurance covers the car harm?

The insurance coverage depends solely on the insurance policy. For example, many policies state that if a car proprietor consents to someone else driving their car and they get in an accident, their insurance will cover it, regardless of fault. However, the insurance policy may exclude drivers without valid driver’s licenses or with only instruction permits. The law in the state where I grew up mandated that even if you were driving with a permit, a licensed driver had to be in the passenger seat. Is this also true of California instruction permits? If so, it’s likely that the insurance won’t cover it because a disturbance of the law occurred. But the bottom line is that you have to cautiously look at your friend’s insurance policy and look for clauses that state who the car can be loaned to. If you’re at odds with your friend over the accident, I suggest calling the insurance company and finding out. Don’t provide any of your private information to the insurance agency and don’t state who you are (make up a name, say you’re just checking into their coverage, whatever. Because if you identify yourself and the call is recorded it could be used against you to prove liability later.). Just state that you want to know if, under their policies, if you loaned your car to someone with an instruction permit in CA and they got into an accident, would it be covered under their policy? That’s truly the only way to be sure unless you and your friend are copacetic and you can check out the actual policy yourself.

Does liability insurance cover your car if you are at fault?

Your liability portion of your auto insurance pays for injury anddamages for which you are liable to others. Your Comprehensive and Collision portion of your auto policy willcover your own vehicle. One can not be liable to ones self. If you have “liability only” coverage, then their is no coveragefor your own vehicle if you were at fault.

Trio car accident car was shoved in to me by speeding driver who has no insurance will middle car who was shoved into me insurance cover repairs to my car?

If you have collision coverage on your policy insist that your insurance company pay to repair your car, subject to your deductible. This will ensure a duo of things: 1. The repairs are done quickly. Two. Most insurance companies will ensure the repairs for the life of the vehicle. So if something goes wrong down the road, you’ll be able to deal with your own company. Three. Your insurance company will seek to recover their payout as well as your deductible through a process called subrogation. If you do not have collision coverage then you can ask the middle car (the one instantaneously behind you) to pay for the harm. Technically this car was stopped too close to you and had they given more distance they would not have hit you. If neither of these solutions work, then you should obtain an attorney and sue the speeder. Any time you are not at fault in a car accident you should certainly seek out legal counsel. The primary reason you purchase insurance is to protect you from financial catastrophe when you are at fault. Car insurance is truly not designed for you when you are not at fault.

If a driver has no insurance but drives a car covered by no fault gets into an accident will the proprietor of the car be able to file a claim with his insurance company?

No fault laws refer to injuries only not property harm. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle the harm to your car will be repaired subject to your deductible, unless the driver is excluded from your policy. For the driver’s injuries if he does not own a vehicle then the individual injury protection on your policy will cover his injuries, once again subject to any exclusions.

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

Will your car insurance cover your daughter if she has an accident?

Car insurance is designed to cover your vehicle should you need to permit someone to use it. There may be some difficulties with coverage if it is being primarily driven by someone who isn’t rated on the policy.

I have insurance and permitted a friend to drive my car and she had an accident who is at fault?

Your friend is. If she is over 25 she is normally covered. Because you claim on youe insurance, technically it will be an at fault accident and your premium may go up. You should talk to your insurer.

You were in an accident your car is a lease and it was your fault and you have no insurance what is going to happen?

You are going to have to pay all cost out of pocket. Also you may be given a severe ticket for driving without insurance.

What do you do if you get into a car accident with no insurance and you are claimed to be at fault?

You pay all of the expenses out of pocket. Medical, car, everything. Also get a lawyer because if you cannot afford to make the repairs you can get sued by either the other driver or there insurance to get the money back from you not having insurance.

If you are involved in an accident with a person who has no insurance and they are at fault does your insurance pay for repairs to your vehicle?

Only if you have Uninsured or Under-insured motorists coverage. If so, your insurance company will pay the damages and will legally pursue the other party to recover the funds.

If a vehicle that has been stolen is involved in a car accident and is at fault whose insurance will cover the harm to the 2nd vehicle?

The 2nd vehicle will be covered by it’s own insurance. That company will then attempt to sue the driver to recoup it’s losses

Will your insurance cover damages if your daughter is driving your car and there’s an accident and the other person is at fault?

Yes but with subject to Your daughter is not excluded from your policy, you do not have a “limited” policy, your daughter holds a driving licence and has not consumed any alchohol and the insurance policy is not void. The damages to your car and to the third party property of the person can be covered up to the limit specified in your policy.

If you are in an accident where other driver is at fault and their insurance is covering car rental what can you do if insurance stops paying for car rental but car is still in shop being repaired?

Ask the insurance company why they are no longer paying the rental bill. If they have accepted liability the only reason they would stop paying would be due to the repair shop taking excessive time to accomplish the repairs. (In the insurance company’s opinion). Albeit you will be roped into this, it should be inbetween the insurance company and the assets shop. If the insurance company won’t budge ask the repair shop to pick up the remainder of the rental bill until repairs are finish. This is common in this industry.

In Michigan if you don’t have car insurance and in an accident that is not my fault what happens?

As far as I know, if you don’t have insurance, you ARE at fault. That’s how it is everywhere I’ve heard of, but I don’t know about Michigan. Good Luck!

If you get into a car accident and it is not your fault will your insurance go up?

Not if it is deemed to be 100% the other drivers fault and they have insurance.

If a car accident was considered the other persons fault how long does their insurance co have to approve the repairs to your car?

Not sure I understand the approve part because the car must be immobilized. I would either contact your insurance company for help or get a figure shop that will automatically bill the insurance company.

Does health insurance cover you in a DUI accident if its your fault?

It depends on what type of insurance policy you have. Some states have the “no-fault” insurance policies wherein the insured party may be compensated regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

Whose insurance should I call if there was a car accident and it was their fault?

I would call their insurance, if you did not know who they are or they didn’t have insurance, I would call your company and they can get the ball rolling.

What if you were in a car accident that was not your fault tho’ you did not have insurance but the vehicle is insured?

If you are NOT at fault you have no responsibility and the vehicles insurance company that is at fault must pay all damages and costs including a rental car. If you are at fault it depends on the vehicles insurance policy if it covers alternate drivers.

If your wifey is killed in a car accident that was not her fault how does the insurance works?

In the United States, you see a lawyer. The Insurance Company offers you the least amount possible. The lawyer may be able to get you a lot more money.

Whose insurance will cover repairs when car was hit and they left the scene of accident?

Just because they left, doesn’t automatically make them at fault. The insurance company claims department will make the determination base on the facts of the accident itself, not about what happened afterward.

What do you do if you get into a car accident and have no insurance and your at fault?

Plead and Pay. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the accident. If you don’t have the funds to pay the entire claim the more than likely the other party will file the claim on their uninsured motorist section of their auto policy. The UM will act as your insurance would have if you had insurance. They will then come after you for all amounts paid, plus interest, legal fees, and collection costs. In order to keep the legal and collection costs at a minimum you should attempt and work out a payment plan with the insurance company. Depending on the state you live in you will very likely face severe penalties, fines, and loss of your license. Some states will take your license until the amount owed is paid in total. You may be able to get a limited permit to go back and forward to work only.

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Will your comprehensive auto insurance cover your car if you were not at fault in the accident but other drivers insurance denies claim?

Let your insurance company/agent treat the claim–they will collect from the other insurance if there is a valid claim. You’ll need a police report.

Will your insurance cover your car if you were at fault?

If you have utter Coverage Auto Insurance, Then the Comprehensive and Collision portions of your coverage would pay for damages to your own car. If you just have liability insurance only. Then you just have coverage for the other car and there is no coverage for your own vehicle.

What if you are hit in a car accident and you are at fault and the person who hit you has no insurance?

In case of Car accident if your car is having valid insurancepolicy at the time of accident then you are liable to get the claimfor the loss. While different companies have different disbursementpolicies and depreciation charts which would be followed for claimsettlement process. Turtlemint car insurance offers a faredepreciation chart and effortless claim process which simplifies thecomplete process and helps to get the tasks done hassle-free

Who covers the costs for medical and car repairs if the other person who is at fault doesnt hcarry their own insurance?

If the other party does not have auto insurance and you do not have uninsured motorist coverage on your policy then your only recourse would be to file suit against the party who is at fault and hope to be able to recover bruised. This is the reason for having uninsured motorists insurance on your policy is because sometimes people don’t have insurance as they should.

Where can one find low cost car insurance that not only covers the one whom fault in the accident it is but the other person who is not at fault?

The car insurance in which you are looking for is called ‘no fault insurance’. It is regulated state by state and not all states require you to have such insurance, some states have only require one to have liability insurance.

Will your car be covered for repairs if you didnt get into an accident?

Auto insurance only covers unexpected and accidental damages to your vehicle. Wear and rip would not be considered unexpected and accidental.However with all things insurance, it is always best to speak with your insurance company directly to find out if a certain item is covered or not.

Can you sue your own car insurance if it was not your fault in a car accident?

What you are telling is that the police department determined that it was your fault; your insurance company investigated and determined it was your fault; but you still want to waste money suing your insurance company because of all the facts. Sure, sue away. Recall that you will have to prove that you have monetary loss because of something that they did. You do have loss as your premiums will go up due to the loss being on your record. You should also know that this will not make you look good to your insurance company from here on out. Have you spoken with the police officer about the report he filed and also his superior about reviewing the report that was filed.

Does a no fault accident on your motorbike affect your car insurance?

as a general rule, if it occurred on the road and the “motorbike” is being used as a “vehicle” as in driving on a roadway like cars etc vs offroad… then it very well may affect your auto policy. In some states a report is required for any death or injury which includes “offroad” but since in a case like that it was very likely a “recreational type vehicle” it may not. The type and size may play a part as well. It may need to be classified as a “motor vehicle” to trigger the reporting requirement, which may be different deoending on the state.

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