What can you do if you were a passenger in an auto accident and the insurance still has not paid your bills and now you need a 2nd surgery on your gam and don’t have insurance and have no money.?

What can you do if you were a passenger in an auto accident and the insurance still has not paid your bills and now you need a 2nd surgery on your gam and don't have insurance and have no money.?Contact the state insurance commission, or get an attorney, or both.

If your insurance lapsed and you had an accident but then you paid it a half day late will they still cover the accident?

Maybe. Some insurance policies have a grace period. Therefore, depending on the circumstances you may be covered. You need to call your agent asap. Not if you are with Safe Auto. They dont care if you are 15 mins late with a payment. Most places have a grace period tho’.

What if you don’t have insurance information and are in an accident?

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My understanding is, as long as you are indeed insured, it’s usually not a problem. You most likely recall the name of your insurance company and can call them to get your policy number, either at the scene with a cell phone, nearby at a pay phone, or when you get home. The significant thing is, you ARE insured, right? It’s the same with your drivers license. You have to have one, but you don’t have to carry it. If you get pulled over, the significant thing is that you do actually have one. The officer can check it over the phone..

You had taken your auto out of use and suspended your insurance. your insurance was still active you liquidated the auto from storage on Saturday night had an accident on Sunday will the insurance cover?

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If your policy was still active, then it is covered, If you suspended? or rather cancelled your coverage. Then it is not covered..
If you had taken your auto out of us and suspended your insurance than you will need to again restore your auto from non-use to use and notify your insurance company of the same before you embark using your auto. You have not done this and hence even if you have valid insurance the insurance company is liable to pay only liablity – if any and not for harm to your own automobile.

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What happens if you don’t have auto insurance?

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If they catch you they will usually take away your license. But most people who drive without insurance have no qualms about driving without a license and usually have nothing of value to their name either; thus, uninsured motorists insurance was born.

If the auto insurance lodges with an claimant after health insurance has been billed and paid who gets the money?

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If it is owed to the health insurance and they were already paid you must comeback it the ins. company. If not, you could be charged – intensely – even if you say “I thought it was mine” have a nice day.

If you don’t have auto insurance and you get into an accident can you sue the driver who hit you?

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If you were legally required to have insurance, your position might be compromised a bit, but if the other driver was at fault, and will not cover your costs, yes you could sue. Juries determining liability usually will not be permitted to know anything about insurance coverage, because it doesn’t bear on whether someone has a liability, but could sway them emotionally with the perception of a big pool of faceless money. The job of the insurance company is to cover the liability once it has been legally established.

Does the liability coverage on your auto insurance cover you against a liability exposure if you are at fault in an accident and a passenger in your car is killed in the accident?

It should, up to the amount of the policy. It is possible that your liability could exceed that amount, particularly if you had only “legal minimum”. And I suppose there could be some situations spelled out in your policy, maybe DUI or commission of a crime, that might create an exception. There may also be an issue if the passenger is a member of your household. #Two answ: Better read your insurance policy. Most liability insurance covers ONLY the person and property of another vehicle and not your own ESPECIALLY if you are at fault. .
In the UK – the reaction is plain. Your insurance will cover you for all injuries including a fatality to a passenger in your car. If there was a deliberate act your motor insurer may wish to recoup any compensation payment for the fatality. See the related link entitled “car accidents caused by family members” to see how your insurer might investigate if suspicious circumstances are suspected due to a family relationship.

What do you do if you have an accident and don’t have insurance?

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you will have to pay for the harm and/or the injury costs of whoever was involved (including yourself)

What can you do if you need surgery but don’t have insurance?

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Do you qualify for medicaid???? attempt to apply for charity care???? Medical Bills do not affect your credit score and if the surgery is medically necessary the doctor or hospital cannot turn you away hope this helps, GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!!!

Who pays if a driver does not have auto insurance but the passenger does?

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for the driver – there will no coverage. For the passenger the same as well. It is your responsibility as a passenger, to be sure that the vehicle you are driving in is INSURED, always.

I am at fault in an auto accident and have insurance but my insurance didnt resolve the claim and now i am being sued what do i do?

Getting SuedWho is suing you? If the other person is suing you, very first off attempt contacting an attorney and see what your options are. Your insurance is supposed to cover damages in case of an accident, so they should have a real good reason for refusing to pay out damages. Find out everything you can behind the insurance company’s reason for denial, contact your state’s department of insurance if you feel your insurance is not acting within the law as well. Showcase up in court, but before then, do all your homework. Contact an attorney if you can, your insurance, the other party, witnesses, etc. Extra AdviceBegin a declaratory judgment activity against your carrier to fullfil their contractual obligations under the terms and conditrions of your policy.You can also file a greivance with your state insurance department.If sued, you can third party your carrier into that activity.

Do you need auto insurance when have a license but you don’t own a car?

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The smartest thing to do is to call some insurance companies in your area to get a accomplish reaction to thins, as all states/provinces have different laws..
To reaction this question, no you don’t need auto insurance if you have a license but no car. You can still drive other peoples cars as long as they have insurance and it is a uncommon occasion (like he had too much to drink at the bar, and your driving him home.) It cannot be part of a regular routine however, such as borrowing the car every Wednesday to drive to work. If this is the case, then you will have to have your own coverage, or be put on someone else’s coverage as an occasional driver.

What can you do if you were a passenger in an auto accident and the insurance still has not paid your bills and now you need a 2nd surgery on your gam and don't have insurance and have no money.?

Do you need auto insurance when you don’t own a car?

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not generally………insurance stays with the car……………in other words, unless you or other drivers are excluded from a vehicle policy, whomever drives that vehicle WITH PERMISSION is an insured driver of that vehicle.

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If you are in an auto accident and do not have enough insurance and have no money to pay if they sue you how will this effect a lawsuit against you?

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Even if you have no insurance or money, someone can still sue you for damages. However, depending on the collection laws of your state, you may be “judgment proof,” incapable to pay any judgment rendered against you. A lawsuit may result in a judgment against you, which in essence is just a chunk of paper that says you owe the plaintiff x dollars. But collecting on the judgment is a fully different animal. Frankly, I would never sue anyone with no insurance or money b/c it is not worth the time and money just to get a lump of paper that is uncollectible. Hopefully, the plaintiff attempting to sue you will realize that. Good luck.

Does both parties involved in an accident need auto insurance?

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As with all such matters, you should consult a legal professional to protect you rights. Generally, YES both VEHICLES should be insured (but that requirement may vary in some states). Drivers are NOT usually insured unless they hold special vehicle licenses or have private umbrella coverage. But drivers should be ready to present proof of coverage for the vehicles they are driving; when requested by law enforcement officials and other drivers after an accident.

How long does the insurance have to pay you for an auto accident?

If you still have a loan on the car, the money will go directly to the repair place. That is to protect the lender in helping to maintain the value of the car. If you are looking for direct payment for repairs that you are doing yourself, make sure you are presenting the charges to them in the manner they expect. It will expedite things.

What happens if you don’t contact the police after an accident Can you still file an insurance claim?

Most insurance claims do not require police reports. Some states require it for hit and run claims.

If I am in an accident and the other driver has no insurance and my insurance provider has paid my claim do you need to have the auto repair done or can you keep the money?

The money is for an autorepair. I would recomend using it for that, or the insurance company can possibly charge you with intent to defraud.

If you are in an auto accident and the other driver has no insurance and your insurance provider pays your claim do you need to have the auto repair done or can you keep the money?

No, you are not required to repair your vehicle. However, you might be disappointed if you practice another accident and further harm occurs. The insurance company may pay the claim differently since it cannot determine prior harm to current harm. However, if it is an older car and it is not significant, it is your judgment call.

Can you get needed surgery if you have no insurance?

Most hospitals will turn you down because the price of surgery is so expensive that they believe you can not pay it at that certain period of time to pay it off.

Can you claim to an auto insurance if you had a minor car accident but you don’t have a driver’s license but your car insurance its on your dad’s name?

Driving without a license is a crime. If you report that you where driving your dad’s care without a license, you could get yourself into trouble, and put your dad’s rates tho’ the roof. Do not call the insurance company and tell them you where driving unlicensed. If you have your permit, and where driving legally with a licensed driver, and you had an accident in your dad’s car, yes, you can report it and his insurance may cover it if he has that type of policy. If anything, your dad could report that he had the accident, tho’ that would be dishonest.

What do you do if you need eye surgery but have no insurance or money?

I’m sure there are millions who would like to know the response to this one! I will certainly be watching for an response. I don’t know what kind of surgery you need, so I certainly don’t know. If it gets to the point when you can’t take the agony from it anymore, I would go to the emergency room and just be in debt for the rest of my life! I also have no insurance or money to take care of a problem such as this. I am in debt up to my eyeballs for different health care needs, but as long as you pay something each month, no one can sue you or put you in jail! I’m not attempting to be funny, but this is the truth. You can only pay what you can pay. Good luck and take care of your eyes! Hopefully someone will response this who can better help you…I wish you all the best…

Injured in an auto accident with no auto insurance?

If you are the driver of the vehicle you could face civil litigation by any other parties involved in the accident, including passengers in your vehicle. State laws vary but generally there may be extra criminal penalties including fines and jail time.

Auto accidents and insurance claims with no insurance?

well it depends where u live as auto insurance differs everywhere. But here in Ontario, when a person hits you and drives off or has no insurance, it goes under your Uninsured auto mobile coverage. and it has very limited coverage for Medical bills, and fixing ur vehicle up to 25,000 if it was a person with no insurance. if its a hit and run then u have to pay the damages to your car out of pocket. or make a claim under your collision coverage.

If Auto Insurance Don’t Renew Then What To Do?

That indeed depends upon the reason why the insurance company did not want to renew the insurance. It is possible that if one company won’t insure you, another one might still do so. If you cannot get auto insurance, you cannot legally drive. Stir to a big city and use public transportation.

What can you do if you were a passenger in an auto accident and the insurance still has not paid your bills and now you need a 2nd surgery on your gam and don't have insurance and have no money.?

In an auto accident in California do you bill your auto insurance as the primary insurance or your health insurance?

If you have both medical insurance and auto insurance, the primary company billed will depend on the situation. If your injuries and medical costs were caused by an auto accident and you carry Medical Payments coverage, you will bill your auto insurance provider. If you do not carry Med Pay insurance coverage, as it is optional in the state of California, the circumstances will depend on who is deemed at fault for the accident. If the other party is at fault, you will bill their insurance company and will advise your claims adjuster as well. If you are deemed at fault and do not carry Med Pay, the only insurance you can bill is your medical insurance provider. Be sure your medical insurance provider does not exclude injuries caused in an automobile accident before approving chiropractic care.

What is the consequences of not paying medical bills after receiving an insurance settlement when you’re the passenger in the accident?

You used medical services and you intended to not pay the people who rendered those services? Do you believe they will simply disregard your non-payment? Reaction: While you are not obligated to pay out of the settlement (Side note: looks like they should have sent that portion in for you to pay the people what they are due because you are to sorry to do so) You will still be obligated to pay them for providing you with medical service. They will either sue you, garnish your wages, or your bank account.

How is my Auto insurance coverage affected after an accident?

Plain if it is a good auto company then your set and will be taken care of if it is a bad auto company they will burn a slot through your wallet plain brief: they turn on you

Call your insurance if you have a auto accident?

Always call your insurance carrier if you have been involved in a car accident. You may also need the advice of a good private injury attorney if you have specific questions regarding your accident claim. You are under no obligation to speak directly with any other insurance company that may be involved in your claim other than to suggest basic information. Unluckily many insurance handlers are trained ways to coerce claimants into admitting guilt in an accident. They also record the conversations they have with claimants.

Will auto insurance cover DUI accidents?

An ins. co will insure you for pertty much anything as well as protect you for any liability issues due to contractual obligations. The response is, yes!

What if you was in a auto accident and you are not at fault but you do not have auto insurance?

Laws may vary state to state. In Georgia it is a criminal offense to drive without auto insurance. Albeit you may not be held liable for property harm or bodily injury to another party, you may face legal activity including fines and possible jail time.

What auto insurance do you bill if you where a passenger in auto accident?

You should be talking to the insurance company that insures the vehicle you were a passenger in. If it was a single vehicle accident they will be responsible but if it wasn’t then the at fault drivers insurance would cover it.

Can you get auto insurance after a major accident?

Yes you can but you may be surcharged and your premiums enlargened depending on your prior driving record and the kind of coverage you had.

What happens if I am in an auto accident and the other party does not have insurance-I don’t have collision insurance on my auto insurance?

If you had no collision coverage at the time of the collision, you cannot get it after the fact in order for the insurer to pay for repairs. If the at-fault driver had no liability insurance, your only remedy would be to sue him/her for the cost of repair and whatever other out of pocket expenses you incurred; these may include the reasonable cost of renting a vehicle while yours was being repaired. If your vehicle was totalled, your lawsuit against the at-fault party would be for the actual cash value of your vehicle as of the time of the collision, plus other out of pocket expenses that you may have incurred as discussed above. In all events, it will be your cargo to prove negligence on the part of the other party in order to prevail. Additionally, you will need to prove the nature and extent of your damages by means of an “accomplished witness”, such as the auto figure facility’s representative who examined and wrote the estimate for repairs. It is not sufficient merely to present the written estimate, as the opposing party must be given the right to challenge its validity by cross-examining the person who ready it.

In California Can a provider bill the health care insurer if a person is injured in an auto accident?

Yes. If the person has private insurance and is covered the bills go to the health care company to be paid.

Whose auto insurance will cover your passenger if they have no auto insurance?

Reaction 1: If you are driving with a passenger that does not have auto insurance or medical insurance, they can be covered under either your policy or the third party’s policy depending upon the situation. If you are found at fault for the accident, Medical Payments or Individual Injury Protection will pay the a portion of the medical expenses that you and your passengers incur up to the stated thresholds. If you carry Uninsured Motorist and are hit by someone with no insurance, this coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers as well. If you are not at-fault for the accident causing injuries and the other party has insurance, the third party liability insurance coverage will pay for injuries to you and your passengers based on the per person and per accident boundaries stated on the policy. Reaction Two: If the passengers are travelling in your auto and, if you are at fault in an accident, your insurance will cover them. If the other driver is found at fault, his/her liability insurance will cover your passengers.

How can you get your insurance to pay for plastic surgery on your gams?

Most medical or health insurance policies exclude coverage for plastic surgery if done solely for cosmetic purposes. However, if there is a bona fide medical need for it, for example, to correct scarring from burns that makes it otherwise unlikely to walk, an argument may legitimately be made for coverage.

What can you do if you were a passenger in an auto accident and the insurance still has not paid your bills and now you need a 2nd surgery on your gam and don't have insurance and have no money.?

What kind of auto insurance do you need to just cover the other vehicle in case of an accident?

So I’m assuming you don’t want coverage for harm to your vehicle if it were in an accident. Then your very likely just going to need Property Liability & Property Harm Coverage. You wouldn’t need to carry comprehensive or collision coverage. I’m from Michigan and we are a NO Fault Insurance state. So in my state most people call it PLPD. In Michigan, this is going to give you liability harm and property harm but no coverage for your vehicle itself. Usually states have minimum coverage that is mandatory. In Michigan, the state minimum is is 20,000 Bodily Injury per Person / 40,000 Bodily Injury Per Occurrence and Ten,000 Property Harm. The Bodily Injury covers injuries to the other party and the Property Harm covers the harm to the other person’s vehicle. You also are required to have PIP coverage in Michigan, which is Private Injury Protection which is unlimited. This coverage is your “Medical” coverage. Hope that helps…

What if auto insurance was canceled before your accident?

Then you may be liable for any harm that you caused to someones property or person.

Will your medical insurance cover you in an auto accident?

Yes it should, but the auto insurance company may have to pay the medical insurance after the claim is paid.

Who pays the medical bills if you are involved in an auto accident where the at fault party has insurance and i was a passenger in car that was hit?

Most states require auto owners to maintain “no-fault” coverage; it is sometimes referred to as “Private Injury Protection”. It is a first-party coverage, which means that one maintains it for their own benefit. No-fault coverage pays a percentage of the medical expenses and lost wages sustained by an injured part in an auto collision, and benefits are payable irrespective of fault. That is, your own coverage pays benefits even if you caused the collision. Depending upon the state in which the policy is issues, a deductible of some amount may be permitted. A deductible is the amount which the insured is responsible for paying before insurance benefits are triggered. A similar coverage, which pays over and above no-fault is called “medical payments” coverage. An extra premium is charged for this because it is an optional coverage. It also is a first-party coverage which pays irrespective of fault.

What is considered an accident under auto insurance?

Anything that causes harm to your vehicle could be considered an accident, from a rock chip in your windshield to a fender bender. States set laws to determine what has to be reported based on a set amount of property harm (it is low, $500-$1500).

Are medical payments from your own insurance paid to you or medical provider in an auto accident?

They are usually paid directly to the provider. The injured party provides insurance information to the treating physician, who then bills the insurer for treatment rendered. These payments are often made under the insured’s “no-fault” coverage.

Will auto insurance cover medical bills from an auto accident?

Yes. Most states require that the registrant of an auto to maintain a type of coverage to pay for his/her own medical expenses and a portion of lost wages as a result of a collision. This is generally payable without regard to fault for the collision and is payable under the injured party’s own policy. Since fault is not an inssue, it is usually called “no-fault coverage”. All policies of insurance have exceptions and exclusions, depending upon the circumstances of the occurrence. Therefore, albeit coverage is generally provided, the circumstances of a particular case may give the insurer a defense to payment.

Can a insurance company not pay the claim on a auto accident and the passenger died?

There are legitimate reasons why an insurance company would deny a claim. If you were in the accident as the result of an illegal act for example, you had no license or a suspended license, etc.

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Does auto insurance cover at home accident?

If you are referring to an auto mishap that occurred on your property and that resulted in harm to the car, it might. The visible situation that comes to mind is, for example, if your vehicle ran into your house, resulting in harm to your car. The collision coverage on the car would likely pay for repair, subject to the deductible. If you are referring to an incident that did not involve the car, such as a kitchen fire, the auto insurance would not be involved at all.

Do you need insurance on car if you still owe money it?

yes because whether you own the car entirely or not, if you’re driving it, then you need protection

What happens if I had insurance at the time of an accident someone hit my parked….but now I need to file a claim and now I don’t have insurance?

Your insurance SHOULD cover the harm assuming you had comprehensive coverage and not just liability. However, you might have a problem proving the harm occurred while you were still covered.

Can auto insurance be cancelled after a car accident?

Yes, you can cancel a policy anytime you want to if you are the policyholder. I always suggest that you wait until the adjuster has a chance to look at the vehicle and determine if it is totaled or not before cancelling. Speak with your agent about this matter as well. In some states you need to cancel the tag before cancelling the insurance or you will incur a fine. If it is financed you will also need to consult the finance company as well.

Do you need to give a W 9 tax form to the insurance company to receive your settlement money from a auto accident?

Most likely you will have to supply this information. I take itthat since you are asking the question they have requested one fromyou. Pack out the form and get it back to them quickly so you canget your claim paid. What difference does it make to you anyway? ____________________________________________________________________ A DIFFERENT ANALYSIS: W9 is an employer identification number. For an individual, theSocial Security number is the equivalent. In an insurer is payingcompensatory damages to an insured or even to a third-party, theinsurer wants to be sure that the correct person is being paid.Therefor, proof of identity, such as a Social Security number maybe required.

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